Wonderful, Thanks

This week Adam and Ramsey welcome Denver's own Adam Cayton-Holland (Conan, "Those Who Can't") to talk about "mob." You'll hear all about adventures in protesting as children, flash pillow fights, and more as three guys try not to sound like the dumb one in the conversation.

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It's summer time, so let's talk about cones, and Madonna's wardrobe! This week, 30 Rock's John Murray joins Adam and Ramsey to talk about college riots, the late 1980s and "Batdance!" Put on your Walkman headphones, or fire up your oversized boombox and enjoy!

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Adam and Ramsey have been busy. Sorry so sporadic. Here's why they haven't been around. (Just kidding. They just do their dumb Alan Arkin impressions.)

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This week writer Brian Raftery joins us to discuss IRON. I know what you're thinking: were you guys paid to have that as your word to advertise Iron Man 3? The answer? NO. Adam and Ramsey were looking at an iron gate when they were trying to come up with a word. And that concludes this episode of Behind Wonderful Thanks. Now enjoy this great new episode!

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Kevin Hines is here to talk about the word FLIP! We talk about daredevils, flipping houses and you'll THRILL to our most organic transition into the word EVER. Plus, find out how to deal with people on the street who ask for help. WE GIVE DEFINITIVE ANSWERS, PEOPLE.

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This week we are joined by Chris Donahue of "Chris Donahue Presents How to Be A Man" to talk about CHIPS! We find out all about chips, the California Highway Patrol, and Chris' secret alter ego "Chip."

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This week, video writer and producer Stephen Levinson joins us to talk about the word STRONG! We learn all sorts of things related to the word as they relate to Stephen's life and generally figure out how to become stronger, more resilient people!

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This week we are joined by MICHAEL HARTNEY to talk about all kinds of things related to KRYPTONITE! You'll get to hear all kinds of Superman minutae, and stuff about quckly cancelled TV shows. This is not one to miss! Especially if you are somebody who downloads every episode of this show! But even if that's not something you do!

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The multi-talented DAN CHAMBERLAIN is here to talk about BLUE. Except Adam, Ramsey, and Dan sort of talk about everything else there is. But no worries! You also get to listen to the exciting premiere of a brand new game: "Why So Sad?" Plus, a sure-fire idea for a great web series is yours for the takin'!

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This week Adam and Ramsey are joined by JOSH GONDELMAN, writer and stand-up to talk about VACATIONS! We have a grand old time talking about terrible experiences in places that aren't our homes! It's also packed wall to wall with really funny things that are said by three very funny guys!

RECOMMENDED FOR: Fans of DMX, people who have been on vacation, people who enjoy laughing.

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR: pregnant women whose babies might be born prematurely if induced by laughter

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