Wonderful, Thanks
19 - Cheer with Cirocco Dunlap

Wonderful, Thanks is back! And for our triumphant return we've brought along the following: games! cheer! An iPhone 4S with Siri! And the lovely Cirocco Dunlap! Please enjoy!

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Take a trip back in time and listen to the very first, never released episode that Adam and Ramsey ever recorded! It's a Wonderful, Thanks history lesson in a special bonus episode!

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Erik Tanouye, writer and comedian, joins Adam and Ramsey for a Halloween SPOOKTACULAR! Listen as they talk about creepy Critereon films, terrifying Terminator movies and gasp-inducing examples of genocide!

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Frank Hejl joins us for all kinds of fun, including (but not limited to): Texas football talk, Olivia Munn opinions, Dennis Miller impressions, an exciting game and a special appearance (?!)! All this and more!

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Superstar Michael Kupperman stops by to talk about adventure! This certainly is a fitting word for this fellow as he stops by to talk about his new book "Mark Twain's Autobiography 1910-2010." This podcast is best enjoyed by getting into a bar fight, or driving a car really fast while listening.

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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon's Brianna Jacobson joins us to talk about sharks! You can tell we don't know too much about sharks because we mostly talk about fruit snacks and a famous shark movie that only one of us saw.

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Sarah Claspell, of wellthatsadorable.com, comes over to talk about things that are cute. Then we learn that animals tell her to kill people, so I don't know what to think.  She might not like that I just wrote that.

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13 - Breakfast with Joe Garden

Joe Garden, features editor over at The Onion, joins Adam and Ramsey to talk about all kinds of things, but they start with breakfast (the word, not by eating the actual meal). Fun times galore!

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Our very first live episode of "Wonderful, Thanks" as Adam and Ramsey take comedian, writer, improviser and director Jodi Lennon out to a small drink at a Manhattan McDonalds. We discuss the word "voyeur," which is appropriate since we are staring at a bunch of people staring at us in a McDonalds.

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Brooklyn graphic designer Chris Spooner drops by the cat ranch to talk about punk with Ramsey and Adam. (That's what podcasters call recording studios, right?)

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