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This week Ramsey and Adam are joined by Grantland writer Andy Greenwald to talk about SPORTS. We talk NFL, we talk MLB, we talk childhood trauma. It's all covered!

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The trains don't work 'cause of Hurricane Sandy here in Brooklyn, so there's no guest! Instead, Adam and Ramsey check in and let you know what you can do to help out, or at least try. They have the best of intentions! And then things get derailed briefly.

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This week Silvija Ozols joins Adam and Ramsey to talk about FISH! There's an awful lot of talk about different ways to prepare fish, and also some racist comments are made about the species. If you are offended, we apologize, but mostly we are interested in determining how you, as a fish, learned how to listen to a podcast. (sorry)

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The wonderful Bridey Elliott from EAGLEHEART and STAND-UP COMEDY joins Adam and Ramsey to talk about BRASS for a little bit. But mostly they discuss dead mice.

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This week our new friend Morgan Evans drops by to talk about MASCOTS of all kinds. Sports mascots? Yes. Commercial mascots? Absolutely. Human mascots? Definitely. See? All the mascots. Plus IMPRESSIONS! You won't want to miss this one!

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Stand-up extrordinaire Ben Kronberg stops by and then three guys attempt to define ROMANCE to the best of their abilities. Is it the stuff before sex? Does it include sex? How is it like bromance? Why was Fabio popular? We don't know! But we talk about it in our tradiitonal entertaining fashion.

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Well, lookie here! Ramsey and Adam finally get good ole Beth Appel into the mix with a discussion of SEASONS. Find out about Beth's early years as a very specific type of waitress and hear what TV season Ramsey just HAS to see. All this and more on the new "Wonderful, Thanks!"

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Hey, everybody! It's improviser and comedian Will Hines! He's a very funny man and he's ready to drop some knowledge about rap, wraps, comic books and more! Fans of the long-missing Upright Citizens Brigade podcast rejoice! Just take this one and episode 35, edit out Adam and Ramsey and you've got yourself a brand new episode!

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Here with Adam and Ramsey is Eddie Brawley, comedy writer and actor and video producer and stand-up comedian and other things! We have a grand old time discussing ANGELS. We get to the bottom of these things and really figure out why they exist and what is or is not one. If you're a fan of science, and solving mythological problems, then this is an episode for you.

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This week Adam and Ramsey bring writer, improvisor and the UCB's Artistic Associate, John Frusciante on the show to discuss PEPPER. We talk about all of the confusion, anxiety and mythic origins that stem from that word, plus some deep psychological issues are discussed. Also, it's funny!

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This week Adam and Ramsey fly solo and issue a few retractions about some of the statements from the last 33 episodes. It's a look back both figuratively and literally (Adam and Ramsey travel back in time in this episode, you see).

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Finally! We have enough episodes to match the number of years that Jesus was alive! And Adam and Ramsey have brought Tim Dunn along to celebrate! Join us for our special "One Third of the Way to 100 Episode Spectacular" as we discuss all of your favorite made up sound effects and scatting sound effects!

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Okay, so if you're a fan of "Wonderful, Thanks" you're going to like this show because it is an episode of that. However, if you don't like "Wonderful, Thanks," then you are in luck, because this episode is different from any other one we've done. This week, Mike Sacks, author of "And Here's the Kicker," "Your Wildest Dreams, Within Reason," and co-author of "Sex: Our Bodies, Our Junk," joins Adam and Ramsey to talk about AUTHORITY. But instead of that, you get to hear all about Mike's very long and very storied career and you get introduced to a new game! Come solve some of Hollywood's greatest mysteries with us on this exciting new episode!

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This week, Adam and Ramsey give big ups to their guest D'Arcy Carden! Together, the three of them discuss all that glitters that is gold! Plus, we play an all new game, never to be repeated, and we give tips on picking out an engagement ring for your significant other. You couldn't buy a better episode, unless this is the future and we're charging for our podcast, in which case you can buy it, and it is this show. I just genuinely confused myself.

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This week, actress and improvisor Morgan Grace Jarrett join Adam and Ramsey to talk about "chorus!" But not really! They kind of talk about lots of other things including Joss Whedon, now the hottest thing in the entire world! We recorded it before "The Avengers" came out and are releasing it afterwards, making us psychic tastemakers!

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This week, "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" writer Justin Shanes joins Adam and Ramsey to talk about coffee: a drink that none of the panelists particularly enjoy. Listen as they make connections to the gross liquid, pretend like they know the answers to a variety of questions and impersonate all of your favorite stars of public radio. You'll love it!

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A very rare late-night record with Denver stand-up comedian Erik Anker! Here as Adam, Erik and Ramsey discuss comic books, Bill Burr, the bathroom (specifically Ramsey's) and a controversial on-air walk-out?! Hold on to your hats! (Please note: There is no controversy.)

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You guys. One of the co-creators of "The Adventures of Pete and Pete," Will McRobb, was on our show to talk about the word "autumn." This was a big deal and a dream come true of sorts for Adam and Ramsey. You guys are going to love it!

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MIKE DOUGHTY! You guys, author, musician and founder of Soul Coughing, Mike Doughty joins Adam and Ramsey to talk about the word "mixtape" (or is it "mixtapes?") I'm not going to write anything else, because that should be enough. Enjoy!

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Today we have the super talented and crazy funny Brandon Scott Jones on the podcast to talk about the word "fire!" If you're an enemy of our guest, this would be a great episode to start with in order to find about the things he's frightened of as well as a variety of other topics, until ultimately, you're charmed by him and you forget why you were enemies in the first place. It's a Win/Win, like in that movie, "50/50!"

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Today on the show, it's New York Times Bestselling author, Lev Grossman ("The Magicians," "The Magician King"). We talk about the word "fantasy," which as you might imagine, leads to some exciting, super-nerdy talk. It's a super fun time with author Lev Grossman! Why are you still reading this description? Listen to the show already!

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It's our second adjective episode ever! Today we bring in the co-writer of the show "This is Not a Sketch Show: A Sketch Show," Ben Stadler to talk about the word "unusual!" Thrill to our discussion of this word, and listen out for a few subtle plugs!

This episode is also the first to premiere on the Stitcher Radio service. The StitcherSmart Radio app allows you to listen to your favorite podcasts on demand from your iPhone, Android phone or other mobile device. Wonderful, Thanks is proud to be on it, and genuinely seems pretty cool. Check it out!

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Stars! They're just like us! And by "us," this time we're referring to both Ramsey and Adam, and special guest Mamrie Hart! You might know Mamrie from her awesome webseries "You Deserve a Drink," but today you can listen to her as she Mark Marons us and flips the tables on your hosts! And we talk about Rider Strong.

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Lucas Klauss, the author of the new book "Everything You Need to Survive the Apocalypse" joins Adam and Ramsey to talk about the thing that his book is about. It's fun!

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It's 2012 and Wonderful, Thanks is here with some grade A comedy to please your ear's taste buds! With us this week is the hilarious Myq Kaplan who you may know from Last Comic Standing, Conan, Letterman, Comedy Central Presents or lists of awesome comedians! And we talk about "DANGER!" And say the word "DANGER" a lot!

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