Wonderful, Thanks

In this episode, writer/performer/musician Geoff Garlock joins us to talk a little bit about blood and a lot about Taco Bell.

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Matt Fisher joins us to discuss French puppets, Woody Allen’s oeuvre, and Lost ComicCon videos.

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Twitter superstar Jill Morris is here to talk about proms, last names, the stuff in Ramsey’s apartment, and superheroes.

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A special video episode recorded from Ramsey's wedding!

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Ramsey and Adam bring in New York performer Corinne Fisher to talk about accents, accenting rooms, accent marks and a buncha other junk too. Also, we register (poorly) for a new email address on the air.

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The great Ben Rameaka joins Wonderful, Thanks to discuss magic.

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4 - Guitars with Chella Negro

Singer/songwriter Chella Negro talks about Guitar Centers, ukuleles, seventies rock, Elton John collaborators, and men’s advances. 

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Each week on Wonderful, Thanks, Brooklyn comedians Ramsey Ess and Adam Maid invite a guest to discuss the stories, facts and information they have on that week's topic. This week they are joined by comedy and tech writer, Matt Moskovciak to discuss "horses."

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2 - Trains with Greg Stees

Greg Stees jumps on board "Wonderful, Thanks" as Adam and Ramsey discuss "trains."

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In this episode, Adam and Ramsey sit down with comedian/actress Alison Bennett and discuss the world of musicals. Hear

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